Welcome to Eastern Gastrointestinal Specialists

Eastern Gastrointestinal Specialists draws together highly trained and caring gastroenterologists with complementary interests and experience. Our aim is to provide excellent, timely and accessible care. We also offer highly specialised skills for which patients are referred from around Melbourne and further afield. We provide expert gastroscopy, colonoscopy, gastrointestinal ultrasound and more advanced forms of gastrointestinal endoscopy including small bowel enteroscopy, capsule endoscopy and advanced endoscopic resections. Consultations are mainly provided in Surrey Hills, while endoscopic and inpatient care is provided at Epworth Eastern Hospital, St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Warrnambool, South Gippsland and other locations.

We aim to provide excellent care for patients with gastrointestinal and liver problems. We strive to offer the highest standards in
consultation, colonoscopy and gastroscopy as well as advanced endoscopic procedures.