Consultation with a gastroenterologist

Consultation with an expert gastroenterologist is the main way for your doctor to reach an accurate diagnosis and ideal treatment for you condition. During the consultation, your specialist will discuss your symptoms in detail as well as your medical history and any other background issues. A medical examination will then be performed. Your specialist may recommend tests including gastroscopy or colonoscopy, blood tests, ultrasound or x-rays. A follow-up appointment may be advised to discuss results of tests and further treatment. For complex or long term gastrointestinal or liver problems, regular reviews may be needed.

An initial consultation will usually take between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the complexity of your problem. Follow-up appointments are generally of shorter duration.

We aim to provide excellent care for patients with gastrointestinal and liver problems. We strive to offer the highest standards in
consultation, colonoscopy and gastroscopy as well as advanced endoscopic procedures.